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√ Supports healthy gastrointestinal system

√ Supplies prebiotics and probiotics

√ Probiotics and herbs soothe intestinal tract and help relieve an upset stomach

√ Supports intestinal flora


Probio-Zyme-YST™ is a 100% Food vegan supplement that is intended to supply enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, and herbs needed to maintain and support optimal digestive health. It contains nutrients that aid in the maintenance, as well as establishment, of normal intestinal flora and proper pH. 

Probio-Zyme-YST™ contains a variety of prebiotic, probiotic, and anti-fungal herbal ingredients.  Products like it have long been used as intestinal detoxificants. Combining pre- and pro-biotics seems to enhance effectiveness.

This product is equivalent to Cyro-Yeast by Standard Process Supplements.


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