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Improving your immune system

Vitamin A is used for improving your immune system as it has a very high antioxidant component.

Many vegetarian vitamins are from man-made chemicals instead of vegetarian food sources. This is both misleading and legal. Some sources of nutritional supplements outside of food include petroleum and coal, both of which are natural. These will trick your body for a time, but not forever.

Synthetic Vitamin A can be called vegan or vegetarian because it doesn’t contain animal products.  The concern for synthetic Vitamin A is that it has been shown to prevent Vitamin E from its antioxidant abilities. One study showed that there is concern that high levels of synthetic Vitamin A might even contribute to lung cancer.

Real and Whole-foods

Real foods and whole-food-based supplements are the best way to make sure that you are staying toxin-free and nutrient full.

For Vitamin A, the form from food is called: beta-carotene, retinyl esters, and mixed carotenoids. Look for these!

The word “natural” does not equate to being food-based. Natural include Vitamin A acetate, vitamin A palmitate, beta carotene (isolated).

Doctor’s Research supplements that have Vitamin A as food as Betacarotene include A-C-P Complex, Beetafood, Catalyst Complex, Complete Eye Health, Herbal Antioxident, Liga-Complex, Vitamin-Mineral, Vitamin & Mineral Shake. Standard Process Supplements supplements that use Betacarotene are Cataplex A, Chlorophyll Complex, and more.

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